Rajan Samtani from the DWA to Speak at #CPS2016 December 7th 2016 | Anti-Piracy Solutions with Forensic Watermarking: Practical Implementations

Content Connection Summit 2016
From just a single leak, content is made available for free to millions of potential customers instantly across the world; it’s not just distribution revenue but also executive careers on the line. Forensic Watermarking is here to stay as the only proven anti-piracy technology that can provide actionable intelligence on global piracy. Come learn about practical implementation steps when implementing available forensic watermarking technology in conjunction with strong piracy monitoring services. Your chance to review, question and compare the available solutions from DWA members and ‘swipe right” with a professional partner to meet your specific needs. Rajan Samtani, Senior Advisor, Digital Watermarking Alliance

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