Print Publications Go Interactive with Digital Watermarking (Archived)

Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday September 30th, 2009


Learn how Autofácil, a leading auto magazine in Spain, “went interactive” — engaging their readers by delivering many new and enhanced experiences with their content. Thanks to digital watermarking technology and Digital Watermarking Alliance members aquaMobile and Digimarc, readers of Autofácil are no longer limited to printed words and static photos. Today, readers can also view videos of the cars, listen to interviews and access additional information directly from the printed page using their camera phones. Autofácil’s publisher, Luike, was so pleased with the reader response to digital watermarking they have since rolled it out to eight additional magazines.

Adding digital watermarks to magazines, newspapers, advertisements, and more is moving the publishing industry into a new era where readers will no longer just read the articles and view the advertisements — they will interact with them and become far more engaged.

During this free, hour-long webcast, you can expect to learn:

  • A brief history of digital watermarking technology and some of the many applications it enables today
  • An overview of aquaMobile’s Clic2C application used on many of today’s camera-equipped mobile phones to decode the digital watermarks in the Autofácil magazine
  • An inside look at how aquaMobile and Autofácil worked together and added digital watermarking to the magazine’s workflow
  • How Autofácil’s readers have responded to the new interactive pages
  • How digital watermarking compares to other technologies that enable similar experiences, such as 2D barcodes and fingerprinting
  • Our vision for the future of publishing and how digital watermarking can aid in the transition

We encourage you to join us for our inaugural Digital Watermarking Alliance webcast. Please reserve your space by registering today.


Please Note: This Webcast is No Longer Available


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