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NexGuard, Kudelski Group, is a world leader in watermarking technology and solutions for protecting media content against illicit redistribution. NexGuard offers an extensive portfolio of cutting edge forensic watermarking applications for content protection. Our products and solutions help content owners, rights holders and distributors to protect high value contents and media assets throughout their entire lifecycle, which encompasses Pre-Release, Digital Cinema, B2B and B2C distribution. They are complementary to CA and DRM for broadcast PayTV and multiscreen OTT delivery, and can enable premium content such as live sports, UHD HDR movies, or early-release VoD.

NexGuard draws on more than fifteen years of engineering development and market experience to bring the most robust content identification technologies. Its watermarking technologies are proven and already widely used by the major studios and the largest media owners in the world.

NexGuard is the only company offering such a wide range of products on a global scale with a deeply established level of personal and professional service and support.