Today’s smart phones are becoming the handheld computing device we carry with us 24/7 — no longer are they merely for talking or texting. More and more we look to our mobile phones to provide us with assistance, instant information, and to entertain us.

While we see smart phones continuing to increase in capabilities and popularity, we are also witnessing a tremendous upheaval and restructuring within media companies. Newspapers, magazines and others are looking for new business models that will keep them relevant and help them transform their companies for the future. Mobile is a core component of many strategies that are emerging.


Digital watermarks provide a tremendous opportunity for publishers, brands and marketers looking for new ways to engage consumers with rich media experiences on their mobile phones. The watermarks can be easily embedded into all forms of media content, including magazines, newspapers, packaging, posters, brochures and more. And, unlike 2D barcodes or QR codes that are being used in some mobile campaigns, digital watermarks are imperceptible to humans and do not take up precious space on printed materials, making the technology much more “brand friendly.”

The digital watermark is a unique digital code that can be easily detected by many of today’s most popular smart phones. Once an application is downloaded to the phone, you simply launch the application, hold it parallel and about 6″ from the printed content, and the phone will immediately detect the watermark and link the consumer to premium content online. The digital ID in the watermark is matched to a URL in a backend database that is then returned to the consumers’ phone. The opportunities and experiences enabled by the technology are endless, including: proprietary content for paid subscribers, contests and promotions, video, games, discounts, and more.

Innovative use of mobile devices helps companies…

  • Engage and retain readers of magazines, newspapers and more
  • Create brand preference and loyalty through rich media experiences on mobile phones
  • Bridge traditional printed content to the Internet, turning newspapers into web browsers
  • Transform product packaging with interactive, high-value content that can educate, entertain and assist consumers

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